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  1. Free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

     Want to know how much equity you have in your Home?

     Thinking of selling?    

     Send for your Free Comparative Market Analysis!


Yes, it's Free, easy to understand and an excellent estimate of your homes current market value.


Here's what you get:


  • Your current tax report.

  • A complete market analysis.

  • Information about listing your property with 4 Seasons Realty.

  • A brief description of our targeted Marketing Plan.


This service is available only to home owners in the Charlotte, Collier and Lee County market area of Florida.


You must own the home to get this free estimate of market value.


The CMA is researched and evaluated by a licensed Realtor at 4 Seasons Realty who markets homes throughout South West Florida.


Your report will be delivered by email, so you can easily read it or forward it to other friends and family for their opinion. There is no cost or obligation. 


Why do we do this for you? It is our belief that a friendly, non-aggressive, professional service is key to building mutually beneficial business relationships. We feel that if we first invest in you as a potential client, you may consider using our services at some point in the future. That is our only motive! Your information will not be shared with anyone else but you.


Here's all you have to do.  Complete the short form below. All we need is your name, the address of your property for which you require a CMA, your phone # for validation and for clarifying information and an email address that you frequently check, so you are sure to get your CMA.


Our Realtors will get to work and complete all the necessary market research to generate your Free CMA  That's all there is to it. 


Looking forward to be of service to you,


Fran Davis

Broker / Owner

4 Seasons Realty

Cape Coral, Florida

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